Full Moon Barbecue Party

On the evening of the Full Moon, we organize a Barbecue Dinner as a preparation for the Full Moon Party. Which is both fun and practical, because you need to have some solid food so that you can party all night.

For our staff, most of the day is spent in getting the groceries and drinks from the local markets. For the guests, most of the day will be spent in relaxing and resting, or taking a stroll down to Haad Rin to check out the preparations of the party on the beach, or having a look at the football (soccer) or volleyball tournament being held at the Beach.

As the sun sets, we start to fire up the barbecues and the a choice of Chicken, Shrimp and other delicacies are prepared. Together with salads, springrolls and fresh fruit platters this forms the dinner of the evening.

After the food the guests usually hang around the bar untill 11 pm or so having drinks and checking out the Party Scene from the Skybar, before they take the 10 min walk to the Full Moon Party venue. This is also the opportunity where most apply the bodypaintings with fluorescent colors provided by us. One of our bartenders, khun Dam is a skilled painter, and if often happens that he becomes the make-up artist of many a guest.