Phangan Nature

Nature lovers are well off coming to Koh Phangan. The island is covered with tropical rainforest and hills with the highest viewpoint being on 627m altitude. There are also a couple of waterfalls to be found in the Jungle, which form a great place to cool off during nature trekking. To explore the natural surroundings trekking, cycling or (elephant safari's) are possible options. There are a number of agencies who provide these services. It is also possible to roam around on a rented motorbike, but going on a trek deep into the Jungle without a guide is not advisable because of the risk of getting lost.

The island experience would just not be complete without watersports. Snorkeling is best done along the North-west coast, where the nicest coral reef and marine life can be found. Diving trips and classes are organized by PADI certified Diving Schools. Other active watersports to be enjoyed on Koh Phangan are kiteboarding, wakeboarding, jetskiing and kayaking. For the more laid back persons, the soothing effect of the Sea can also be enjoyed by one of the many boat trips, which carry you around the island. For the James Bond fans, a trip in a rented Speed Boat would probably do the trick.