Phangan Parties

Probably we do not need to tell you that Koh Phangan has some excellent parties going on the year round. Indeed, to many people our island is the Mecca of all Party lovers because of that one big beach party organised every month. Offcourse we are talking about the Full Moon Party. In the slip stream of this event some other parties and venues have come up which make an interesting mix of party options. In this section we want to also point out that there is much more action on the island than just the Full Moon Party.


Full Moon Party

We will not say too much about this as you probably already know the facts: Biggest Best Beach Party in the World. THe Full Moon Beach can be seen from our skybar, and the Beach is on walking distance from our resort. Prior to the Party there are lits of Pre-Party activities such as Cocktail Nights, Warm up Parties, pool Parties, Foam Parties, BBQ Parties and the like. On the Beach of Haad Rin, you can also engage in tournaments of Beach Soccer and Volleyball. At Amaresa Resort we organise a cocktail night on the night of the Full Moon, combined with a BBQ Dinner.


Half Moon Festival

Held twice a month (1 week before and 1 week after Full Moon), this event is organized by the Harmony Team, led by the young and very talented DJ Tripical (also known as DJ Jao). The venue is a spot in the middle of the Jungle near Ban Tai, which forms the perfect background for the intoxicating Tribal House and Trance Beats pumping out of the Sound System. We facilitate the party goers with our Half Moon Festival Package, including the entrance fees, accomodation at Amaresa Resort, and transport to the Party. 


Other Parties

Apart from these big parties, on Koh Phangan every few days a party is organised somewhere on the island. Some of them are advertised with banners and signs, and others remain sort of underground and news travels by mouth. Ask around and you will come to know where what is going on. These parties include the Black Moon Party, The Shiva Moon Party, and the numerous beach bars on Haad Rin Beach like Cactus Bar, Drop in Club, the Fubar and the Same Same Bar.