Phangan Spiritual

Koh Phangan has a profound connection with Spiritualism. The first inhabitants were monks who set foot on the island around 600 years ago and were impressed by the tranquil atmosphere. They decided to stay and founded the temple Wat Phu Khao Noi (in the area of Thong Sala). More temples were built in the years to come.

Today, this heritage can be seen by the presence of these temples, but also by the number of yoga schools which have sprung up over the recent years. In fact, the location where our resort is built, wasformerly used for Thai Chi classes.


To fully absorb this energy, you could visit the selection of temples listed below:

  • Wat Phu Khao Noi (near Thong Sala).
  • Wat Khao Tham (in Baan Tai, with a nice viewpoint also).
  • Wat Pho (in Baan Tai, equipped with a herbal steam sauna).
  • Chinese Temple. 
For Yoga Classes, you need not look far. At Amaresa Resort we provide yoga lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced ractitioners of Yoga. From time to time we also host Yoga Retreats organized by various organisations throughout the world. Two big Yoga Schools on the island worth mentioning are Agama Yoga (North-west, in Ao Hin Kong) and the Sanctuary (South East, in Haad Thian).